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SDMC is Veriforce™ compliant, using an integrated solution for the control of Operator Qualifications, Drug & Alcohol Programs, and Safety Compliance Management. Veriforce establishes and oversees our Natural Gas Pipeline Inspection Services more efficiently and mitigates our risks more effectively.



Standard Diving & Marine Contracting's Induced Tone Line Tracers are one of the most economical and efficient information gathering systems available to the inland underwater pipeline inspector.



The system allows the diver to physically cross areas of buried pipeline quickly while determining depth of pipeline cover without using hand or jet probes. By using Locators and Magnetometers as a diagnostic tool, it is possible to forecast future cover rates along the line, correcting deficient areas before unwanted damage from exposure, suspension, and strike damage occurs.


Areas of bank destabilization, pipeline exposure, and scour will in most cases worsen over time. Articulated Concrete Mattress has proven to be an excellent stabilization choice. Open Cell Mats are an aesthetic and functional alternative to dumped stone riprap, gabions, structural concrete, and other heavy-duty, durable erosion protection systems.










  • Pipeline Protection

  • River Bank Protection

  • Bridge Abutment Protection

  • Dikes and Levee Protection

  • Reservoir Slope Protection

  • Lake Shoreline Protection

  • Dam Crests and Spillway Protection

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